Quinn B. Rodriguez

Rodriguez, Quinn

Quinn B. Rodriguez is difficult to perceive. On the one hand, she is a nonbinary Mexican-American tabletop games creator, writer, sensitivity reader, and variety streamer. On the other, they have appeared in various actual plays of various systems across the Internet, in which they have absolutely never sold their soul to demons, not even a little, not even once.

Quinn has a penchant for metanarrative that she feels very comfortable blaming on Brecht and a love of horror she attributes to The Blair Witch Project, and so it was only natural that The Magnus Archives would draw her in like a moth to a lightless flame. Their love of gaming, theatre, and all things collaborative storytelling only furthered to seal the deal. She is always learning, always growing, and always, always crafting feverdreams from the dark.

You can keep up with Quinn on Twitter at @quinnntastic_.