RQ Network Wave 2: Introducing Five New Shows

This week, we launched wave 2 of the RQ Network. On RQ Network, we are championing the very best in podcasting, while providing an inclusive platform for new and diverse voices in the audio space.

The second wave of shows coming under the Rusty Quill banner are audiodrama and audio fiction themes of horror, action and weird fiction – so if you’re looking for a new fiction podcast to keep you entertained, look no further.

So, without further ado, let’s meet the shows.

I am in Eskew

Written by Jon Ware, produced by Eskew Productions

I am in Eskew is a single-narrator horror fantasy audiodrama. Eskew is a city of steep and winding streets, where the rain never stops and the buildings change at will. David, the narrator, is from our world, but has found himself trapped in this living, murderous city, unable to find his way home. With escape impossible, David documents his bizarre, often mind-bending experiences in a series of endless recording, hoping that someone – anyone – will hear them. In this twisted city, nothing is what it seems, and the strange population that David meets there – the journalist, obsessed with the letters she receives, the architect who won’t talk about the building they designed, the mysterious woman intent on burning Eskew to the ground – know more than they let on.

“horror is about scaring someone from the inside out, planting a seed and letting it take them somewhere horrific. And that’s exactly what Horror Masterpiece I Am In Eskew manages time and time again. – The Royal Banner

The Milkman of St Gaff’s

Written and directed by Christopher Scott McClure

The Milkman of St Gaff’s is a bi-weekly horror fiction podcast. Earnest and naïve Howie arrives on the island of St Gaff’s to escape the war on the mainland (and perhaps something else as well). But, as he settles into the quaint, fantastical fishing community and finds a job in this small town, he soon realises that St Gaff’s has a foreboding secret. Why is the island’s only telephone in the church tower? Why is digging forbidden? Being a Milkman on St Gaff’s is more than just a job: it’s a vocation, one that goes beyond the delivery of dairy. They’re investigating the things that lurk underground: the things that have haunted Howie since he was a child living on the mainland. Howie may have escaped becoming a soldier, but he can’t escape his past.  

The Silt Verses

Created by Jon Ware and Muna Hussen, produced by Eskew Productions

The Silt Verses is a full-cast audio drama from the creators of I am in Eskew that lurks in the grey area between horror and contemporary fantasy. Carpenter and Faulkner, worshippers of an outlawed god, are travelling up the length of their deity’s great black river, searching for holy revelations amongst the reeds and the wetlands. In these forgotten rural territories, new and strange gods of have flourished and Carpenter and Faulker must navigate this world of ritual, hidden language, and sacrifice. As they find themselves under threat from a police manhunt, the question remains: just how deep does their faith run?

“A creepy, inventive gothic drama… truly epic horror. Plus, the voicework is brilliant.” – The Observer.

The Town Whispers

Written and directed by Cole Weavers

The Town Whispers is a weekly folk horror anthology podcast. The Town Whispers is a narrative Horror podcast set in a town named forte where eldritch terrors and folk horror meet. Humble, kind, tiny and terrible, Fort sits nestled in the curves and the swirls of fog that climbs through thick woods and jagged, monstrous hills. What stories are hidden there, in the rain and the trees and the fog? Each week, chapter by chapter, something unravels, revealing the sinister workings of a mysterious cohort of entities called the Long Shadows, and their grip over the town. Why are the LaPonte family doomed? What hides behind the walls of the sanatorium? Who (or what) rests in the mausoleum built for those who just don’t die? Listen to every episode to discover the fate of the townsfolk of The Fort, and the terrifying destiny that has been in motion since the first town boundaries were drawn.  

We’re Alive

Created by Kc Wayland, produced by Wayland Productions

We’re Alive is a pioneering podcast, a decade in the making. It has won numerous awards, including 4th Annual Dead Letter Award, 2009 Gold Ogle Award, 2010 Silver Ogle Award, Parsec Award Winner for Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama Long Form 2014 and Parsec Award Finalist Best Speculative Fiction Audio Drama Long Form 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. This story of survival follows a small group of people trying to survive the end of the world. A day like no other quickly becomes deadly, as people start turning on each other (and turning into something else… something no longer human). Michael, a soldier, has to act quickly, saving as many people as he can and creating a shelter in a tower block. As zombies start to overrun the city, those who remain must do anything they can to survive. There’s little food, little water, little hope… but at least they’re alive. We’re Alive is audio theatre for the mind, with a story spanning decades.

“The sound design and talented performances make for a heart-pounding dash for survival. ” – New York Times

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