RQ Streams – A Weekly Gaming Show on Twitch

RQ Streams – A Weekly Gaming Show on Twitch

At Rusty Quill we are network traditionally known for Rusty Quill Gaming, Stellar Firma and Europe’s largest audio drama podcast The Magnus Archives. On January 25th 2020 we ventured into weekly videogame streams on Twitch, as part of exciting plans the Rusty Towers team have in store for a new year of output. Both video and gaming content will play a large part in Rusty Quill’s journey of expansion into new mediums this. However, podcasts won’t be forgotten in making space for new content, as alongside the ongoing run of your favourite shows, new audio productions are planned for 2020/21.

“We think streaming is a great opportunity because it opens windows into new worlds, taps into experiences that are fundamentally joyous, and lets us give back some of the fun and knowledge we’ve picked up along the way. We’re hoping to bridge a large gap between content creators in the audio space and video space through what can be one of the world’s great uniters, gaming,” enthused Mike LeBeau, Rusty Quill’s Head of Video, project originator and co-host of RQ Streams.

“RQ Streams marks the latest milestone of growth at Rusty Towers, which means we can do this as part of our expansion without sacrificing any of the content that our fans know, love and support. Indeed, this will allow us to engage even more closely with our community, and keep our finger on the pulse of new and growing audiences,” said our long-standing Community Manager Anil Godigamuwe, who will also serve as co-host of the stream, acting as the voice of the less-experienced gamer.

RQ Streams aims to introduce people who are new to the world of videogaming to it, by playing a variety of genres, titles and formats – as well as offering a fun place to hang out for more experienced folks. From AAA titles to indie, retro to modern, the most casual games to some of the most popular franchises, Mike and Anil are on a quest to encourage potential new gamers to jump in and get playing.

“Our fans have told us loud and clear that they’re ready for this kind of content, and have been recommending games for us to stream for a few weeks now!” commented a very excited Mike. “I’m genuinely stunned at the positive response we’ve had to our video offerings so far, including our recent Gaming and Giving live show that raised nearly £10,000 for charity in 12 hours!”

Those who have been following us since out first podcast, Rusty Quill Gaming will know the gaming sphere is nothing new for Rusty Quill as we have been presenting this homebrewed Pathfinder tabletop roleplaying actual play podcast without fail since 2015 a show that has ran for well over 200 episodes and counting. Fans will be excited to know that we are developing our own tabletop RPG based on RQGs homebrew system. “By introducing RQ Streams, we are actually returning to our early roots and expanding our offerings in the gaming area whilst appealing to new audiences,” said Chief Marketing Officer, Callum Dougherty.

“This is my first time being a regular in something as cast, outside of the Christmas charity streams that Rusty Towers do each year,” commented co-host Anil, “whilst Mike is a much-loved voice from The Magnus Archives. I’m really excited to be a bigger part of the content we produce and I know our fans are loving this new foray.”

Visit www.twitch.tv/rusty_quill every Wednesday and Saturday at 3pm (GMT) to come and support RQ Streams, Rusty Quill’s first offering of new, livestreamed content on Twitch.tv.

So far we have streamed:

Faster Than Light

Dishonoured 2

Hatoful Boyfriend

For updates, follow the creators on Twitter @TheRustyQuill @mikey_scamp @godigumdrop

UPDATE: Due to the ongoing success of our stream on Twitch. RQ Streams has expanded to two twitch streams a week and will also include occasional bonus Sunday streams!

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