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RQ Streams is a new regular video game and general streaming show on Twitch. RQ Streams was launched with the aim of introducing people who are new to the world of videogaming to it, by playing a variety of genres, titles and formats – as well as offering a fun place to hang out for more experienced folks. From AAA titles to indie, retro to modern, the most casual games to some of the most popular franchises, Mike and Anil are on a quest to encourage potential new gamers to jump in and get playing.

This Project has now expanded to include a range of different shows formats.

RQ Streams aims to support creators and charities!

Plus tune in for the inside scoop as we will occasionally offer early sneak peeks and announcements on other Rusty Quill shows including The Magnus Archives, RQG and Stellar Firma.

Hosted by: Mike LeBeau

Co-Host: Anil Godigamuwe

New Streams every Wednesday evening at 5PM GMT and every Saturday at 3PM GMT! With more bonus streams throughout the week!

Also keep an eye on our feed for bonus Sunday streams with Anil and Mike!