Rusty Quill Overview

Rusty Quill

is the best known British podcast company. The Rusty Quill is a British media production company working in podcast production, video production, tabletop gaming and streaming spaces. Rusty Quill is the home of the worlds most popular horror podcast if not most popular audio drama podcast The Magnus Archives as well as the sci-fi fiction podcast Stellar Firma, Actual Play TTRPG podcast Rusty Quill Gaming and Outliers – Stories from the Edge of History a Historical Fiction Podcast.

The Magnus Archives

is an audio drama serial, horror anthology, award-winning horror fiction podcast. The Magnus Archives podcast is reminiscent of the popular Creepypasta format. Across 160 episodes The Magnus Archives develops a complex metaplot that sets it apart as a standout piece of the Horror fiction and one of the reasons The Magnus Archives is among the most popular creepy scary podcasts.

Stellar Firma

is an improvised podcast and sci-fi fiction podcast launched in 2019. Stellar Firma has taken home multiple podcast awards including 3 Audioverse Awards.

Rusty Quill Gaming

is the most popular Pathfinder Actual play podcast and one of the most award winning actual play podcasts. Rusty Quill Gaming is well acted, directed and produced setting it apart from many TTRPG podcasts.

Outliers – Stories from the Edge of History

is an audiodrama podcast and work of historical fiction the two seasons of Outliers feature the work of some of the best writers in podcasting and historical fiction. Outliers was produced by Rusty Quill working with the Historic Royal Palaces.

RQ Streams

is a videogame stream on the popular twitch streaming channel. It is hosted by Rusty Quill’s Community Manager Anil Godi and Mike LeBeau Rusty Quill’s Video Manager and a well loved voice form the popular The Magnus Archives Podcast.

To learn more about Rusty Quill visit our about page! Though rest assured if you like creepy, scary, spooky or geeky you should love our podcasts!