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  • Leaving Corvat 1:08

    To keep you entertained until the next batch of DECA TAPES leaks, Lex Noteboom made a completely new audio drama podcast. It's called Leaving Corvat and it will be a wild multi-season adventure, that's starting today. Check out the trailer HERE or look for 'Leaving Corvat' wherever you listen to podcasts, to start your wild ride through the bizarre world of Corvat.

    ‘They call me Sleeper. I worked the same brain dead job, at the same fast food place, all of my life. And I’ve always lived in the same town. No one that lives in Corvat, ever leaves. Until today. I’m heading into the world, because I don’t want my life to be a countdown anymore. I want it to be an adventure. They say it’s dangerous out there; full of corruption and confusion. But I don’t care. I say bring it. Today, I leave. Today, I’m Leaving Corvat. 

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

The Deca Tapes

Ten people are locked into a space together. We don’t know where they are or if they will be able to get out, but the answers must be somewhere on these tapes. 

The Deca Tapes is a found-footage mystery audio drama podcast with psychological thriller and science fiction elements.

Mysterious tapes have been delivered to a news outlet and soon grip the nation. The recordings document the life of ten people, who appear to be trapped in an unknown location. Each person has a set of strict instructions they must follow, and they each play a different role – The Cleaner, The Cook, The Teacher. Unaware of the strangeness of their life, they record daily diaries, giving us a glimpse of their confined existence. It quickly becomes clear that something is very, very wrong.

How did they get there? Perhaps importantly, why are they there? Only one thing is certain: we were never meant to hear The Deca Tapes.

Written and Directed by Lex Noteboom

Produced by Lex Noteboom

The Cleaner – Nick Messina 

The Teacher – Nadja Freeman 

The Cook – Sarah Ruth 

The Doctor – Niki Soohoo 

The Communicator – Addison Peacock 

The Fixer – Casper Stokhuyzen 

The Mystery Function – Casper Stokhuyzen 

The Leader – J 

Written, directed, edited and produced by Lex Noteboom 

Final mix and mastering by Audio Brothers NL 

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The Lovie Awards – 2020 Winners Gallery 

Silver Award for Best Scripted Fiction Podcast 2020 

Peoples Lovie Winner for Scripted Fiction 2020 

The Webby Awards 2020 Nominee for Scripted Fiction 

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