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Season 2

  • Chapter 16: And The Current Flows On Without End 38:20

    Content warning: This episode contains references to war, gunfire, one extended scene of mass murder including presumed infanticide, bodily transformation.

    We meet Mercer and Gage - a pair of god-hunters and mercenaries, in the employ of the Peninsulan Government. Meanwhile, a young prophet unexpectedly returns home to his people.

    Featuring: Daphne Nitsuga, JV Hampton Van-Sant, Sarah Griffin, Jamie Stewart, B. Narr and Daisy Bilenkin.


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Season 1

The Silt Verses

A dark road trip into the depths of unusual faith, ritual and sacrifice.

The Silt Verses is a full-cast audio drama that lurks in the grey area between horror and contemporary fantasy. Carpenter and Faulkner, worshippers of an outlawed god, are travelling up the length of their deity’s great black river, searching for holy revelations amongst the reeds and the wetlands. In these forgotten rural territories, new and strange gods of have flourished and Carpenter and Faulker must navigate this world of ritual, hidden language, and sacrifice. As they find themselves under threat from a police manhunt, the question remains: just how deep does their faith run?

Show transcripts available here.

Written and directed by Jon Ware

Produced by Muna Hussen

Edited by Sammy Holden

Performed by B. Narr and David S. Dear

Performed by B. Narr and David S. Dear

Recurring Cast and Collaborators: Jamie Stewart, Jimmie Yamaguchi, Lucille Valentine, Méabh de Brún, Calder Dougherty, Daisy Bilenkin, Gordon Houston, Damien Nieweswand, Parley Cook, Jonah Knight, Mintaka Angell, Caleb Del Rio

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Finalist 2021 Audioverse Awards


“This is truly epic horror. Plus, the voicework is brilliant” – The Guardian

The podcast is heavy, atmospheric. Things are dark, and grim, and delivered through a mix of dialogue and fierce narration. It’s a moody tale, following many different strands of the vicissitudes of faith. Personal faith, driving journeys in life, and corporate faith, with people working together to make things as terrible as possible. And something in the background – the insidious faith that comes over the airwaves. It’s a tale I recommend you listen to. 5 Stars”. – The Cambridge Geek

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