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Engaging Audio Oddities Presented by Tin Can Audio

This feed is home to collection of podcasts by the talented David Devereux and their production studio Tin Can Audio. Tin Can Audio Presents a collection of unusual genre podcasts and Experimental Oddities collected here and featuring introductions by their creator the feed aims to immerse, inspire and engage listeners. Tin Can Audio are known for unusual and highly original podcasts produced in small batches. Listeners will find popular podcasts including the experimental The Tower which documents one woman’s climb to the top of a mysterious and impossibly tall tower in and effort to escape their suffocating existence in the world below. The Witty Short episodes of the Dungeon Economic Model. The Whovian Horror of Middle:Below and more.

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Folxlore – Episodes 1-4 [ONLINE] – Review – The Wee Review | Scotland’s arts and culture magazine

Middle:Below – Podcast Review – The Cambridge Geek

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