Tessa Vroom’s Testimonial

I’ve been working for Rusty Quill since August 2019, over three years now.

Time and time again I’ve been blown away by how fortunate I am to be working with them. I love my colleagues both past and present; I’ve found nothing but support from everyone as I’ve navigated growing as an amateur audio editor, as a student, and as a person. I won’t claim that Rusty Quill is perfect — there have been hurdles and there have been mistakes. I’m sure there will be more in the future. But one thing I stand by is that everyone Rusty Quill is constantly striving for improvement and always willing to listen to any problems. RQ encourages growth and learning and support, and management reflects those qualities back at us.

I know when I am facing anxiety and depression or other health issues that I will be able to take time off without being pressured to work until I’m ready again. I know that I won’t face discrimination despite my age, sexuality, gender identity, skill level. Instead at every turn I am met with acceptance and encouragement. I know if I am lacking in my knowledge for work I will not be penalized but instead given the paid time to work with coworkers or other resources to fill in the gaps.

I love working for Rusty Quill and when my journey eventually takes me elsewhere I will always think fondly back on my days with them and hold other employers to a higher standard because of my time here.

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