Transcripts and accessibility

Once again, we apologise for the delay in updates around our transcripts. We know they are overdue and you can see our previous Twitter thread on this for an explanation of why:

We accept the concerns about the delays on transcripts that have been raised by many of you and we truly apologise for not making more progress to date. We know that many of you support us because of our commitment to inclusivity, and accessibility is a massive part of that. None of us wanted this process to take as long as it has done. We are sorry for the hurt that these delays have caused.

In terms of deliberately keeping transcripts ‘behind a paywall’, this is not the case. There have been some technical errors in terms of uploading the transcripts that are available, as the process differs between Patreon and public posts. However, this has been entirely unintentional and such problems should no longer be happening moving forward. We are grateful to everybody who has contacted us to make us aware of these issues and we have implemented new procedures to further minimise the chance of this happening in future.

As mentioned in our previous statements on this, when we first set the Patreon goal for transcripts, we thought it would be a much quicker and easier process than it turned out to be. In addition, it took a while for us just to be able to afford professional services which turned out significantly more expensive than initially budgeted due to the complexity of our content.

We have now engaged two professional transcription companies: one to cover the entire RQG backlog, and one to work with going forward on all future content. (We also have a reserve option in the event of any problems.) We needed to collaborate with these companies on everything that they needed as external parties, such as: voice samples; file transfer systems; glossaries on details (e.g. correct spellings); differences between characters and actors; sound effects; and so on. This also contributed to the delays.

We expect contracts to be finalised by the end of the week, and for the full RQG backlog to be provided to us within an estimated 30 – 60 days. The Stellar Firma transcripts are currently being reformatted into our house style (e.g. changing fonts/alignments/layouts or adjusting stage directions and sound descriptions.). The Magnus Archives transcripts are also going through a similar process. All future shows will release with transcripts.

All of these transcripts will be hosted on a dedicated section of our new website when it is ready, alongside many updates to improve accessibility. If there are delays between the transcripts being finished and the website being ready, we have a stopgap measure in place. Essentially: when the transcripts are finished you will all have access to them, whether the new website is complete or not.

All of this has been ongoing work which we were going to update on as soon as contracts were signed, but unfortunately, events have overtaken us. Because this is such a major issue, we will also be releasing weekly updates on our website regarding what progress has been made about transcripts – even if it is only ‘we are still negotiating with a provider’ etc.

We thank you all for bearing with us.

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