There is where we cover all the legal stuff related to how you can consume all the content we make. We have tried to make it as straightforward as possible but obviously you’ll need to strap in and put your thinking cap on if you are going to give it a read.


Rusty Quill distributes its online content under an Attribution NonCommercial 4.0 Sharealike International Creative Commons Licence. Details can be found here:

What that means is that you are free to:

  • Share it – copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format
  • Adapt it – remix, transform, and build upon the material

But you must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made without implying we endorse you or your work. Any work produced in this way is subject to the same licence.

You can’t use our material for commercial purposes no matter how much you want to. Nope, not even if you promise you are doing so for super cool awesome reasons. The only exception would be if you could prove that doing so would directly lead to the creation of a functioning Space Elevator within the next ten years.

You can’t apply new legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing stuff with our work that we permit.

There are some exceptions but all of that is covered here (

Creative Commons is an absolutely awesome non-profit that makes it possible for creatives like us to get content out there without hiring an enormous team of lawyers. If you are a creative and/or a generous Mr/Mrs Moneybanks we urge you to donate here: ( and help support them. They are doing brilliant work and we couldn’t give you the programmes you love if they didn’t exist.


Company Commissions

Anything that we generate under Commission we would hold the rights to under UK Copyright law.

The details are here ( but what that means is that we retain copyrights on the work. You still get to distribute and use it as originally intended but you have to credit us and only use it in the way we agreed it could be.

Ultimately, all our commissions are worked out on a case-by-case basis but these are the basics. For more info about requesting a Commission go here (Commissions tab).


Individual Commissions

If you commission the work of any of our team members as an individual, Rusty Quill will have no say in the matter unless the work directly affects our existing Copyrights or Creative Commons Licences.

Basically the legal agreement will be between you and the individual team member and we won’t be involved. That doesn’t mean there are no restrictions. It just means that you must make your agreements with them as an individual.

We are always happy to provide the contact details for our team members if they are willing and it is for a paid commision but please note, if you are hiring multiple team members for a single project it will be classed as a company commission and treated as such.

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