Rusty Quill Ltd. is a London-based UK entertainment production company and podcast network. We specialise in creating original, free-to-consume content whilst providing a platform for new and interesting voices and talent.

All our regular content is free to view, listen to, and share, but we also offer standard commission-based work on request and our Patreon supporters have access to exclusive backer-only content – check out our contact and support pages respectively for more information.

Our first project was the Rusty Quill Gaming podcast, a long-form Pathfinder actual play tabletop roleplaying campaign which launched in June 2015 and follows the adventures of a mixed ability group of comedians, improvisers, gamers, and writers playing an original game world. The series has more than 150 episodes in its catalogue and releases a new episode every week.

In March 2016 we launched our second series, one of the world’s most popular horror podcasts, the Magnus Archives. This ongoing long-form anthology details the supernatural cases under investigation by the Magnus Institute and its archivists and boasts a dedicated cult following in addition to multiple award nominations. The series has more than 125 episodes in its catalogue and releases a new episode every week.

Our third series Outliers, is a historic fiction podcast, produced in association with Historic Royal Palaces. It was launched in November 2017 and features, a selection of stories from award-winning contemporary writers as they examine the perspectives of people often excluded from mainstream historical narratives.

Our lastest series Stellar Firma, is a semi-improvised, dystopic, comedy podcast following the misadventures of a pair of inept designers as they attempt to generate bespoke planets based on audience suggestions. The show launched in February 2019.

We have a number of new in-house projects currently in development in addition to ongoing third-party production work and consultation.

Our values:

  • Diversity –           Maintaining a safe and non-discriminatory work space where people can collaborate on exciting and unique creative projects.
  • Opportunity –           Providing paid employment opportunities for those seeking to break into media production.
  • Representation –           Providing a platform for new creative voices with poor representation in more established media.
  • Community –           Working with our fans to grow a friendly and supportive community, united by our love of storytelling.
  • Responsibility –           Leading by example and working with our peers to improve the business practices of the media production industry.


von Aderkas, Ed
Ed von Aderkas
Sound Editor
Ann, Lowri
Lowri Ann
Godigamuwe, Anil
Anil Godigamuwe
Community Manager
Gould, Helen
Helen Gould
Jones, Sam
Sam Jones
Lebeau, Mike
Mike LeBeau
Video Manager
Meredith, Ben
Ben Meredith
Meredith, Tim
Tim Meredith
Showrunner, Performer
Moffatt, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Moffatt
Sound Editor
Monroe, Bryn
Bryn Monroe
Newall, Alexander
Alexander J Newall
Founder, Creative Director
Nicholas, Lydia
Lydia Nicholas
Austin, James
James Austin
Sound Editor
Simms, Jonny
Jonathan Sims
Writer, Performer
Brankin, Hannah
Hannah Brankin
Chief Operations Officer
Tessa Vroom
Tessa Vroom
Sound Editor
Winstead, Brock
Brock Winstead
Sound Editor
Sumner, April
April Sumner
Pratt, Martyn
Martyn Pratt
Technical Director
Annie Fitch
Annie Fitch
Sound Editor
Maddy Searle
Maddy Searle
Sound Editor
Michelle O'Toole
Michelle O’Toole
Sound Editor
Nico Vettese
Nico Vettese
Sound Editor
Oliver Morris
Oliver Morris