Our plan is to make awesome content that’s free to consume. Unfortunately, whilst we have adverts and such, it doesn’t pay quite enough for everything we want to produce. That’s where YOU come in.

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However, as much as we’d like your money, what we really need is as many listeners as possible. We really want folk to see/hear what we produce so be sure to recommend us to your friends, family or gaming group. If we’re not on your podcasting service of preference, let us know. If you liked an episode share it on social media (using the hashtags #RQGaming or #Magnus) comment on our dedicated forums, leave an iTunes review or send a cryptic telegram to a distant but incredibly wealthy relative who’s looking to commission an entire creative team for life.

Rusty Quill lives and breathes on community support and telling people about us is some of the best help you can give to ensure we carry on making the stuff you love!


These kind folks have pledged $10 or more to us on Patreon, and so they take their place on our wall of thanks:

Jeff Stanberry
Samantha Emery
Paul Browning
Paul Courtenay
Danielle McCrary
Jarrod Holmes
Simon Freeston
Rachel Manley
Julie Saunders
Doug Warren
A.L. Hade
Mark Elliott
Paul Sims
Luke Adams
Dakota Jahn
Jen Lucy
Amy Barber
Elliott W James
Matthew Seidl
Julie Saunders
Jon Bettin
Morgan Garratt
Callum Thomas
Steven Chlebek
Laura McCarthy
Sarah Mainwaring
Tyler Reisinger (Silphius)
Cathy Sandifer
Shayne Legassia
Kate Cheema
Dominic Zeal
Nik Crombie
Josh Harper-Cole
Letizia Yemma
Nate Cleveland
Erin Dombrowski
Janelle Gobin
David Pridmore
Ashlie McConkie
Izzy Peart-Mills
Simon Doderer
Rhys Lawton
Alexis Arendt
Christopher Otero
Angelina Orlicky
Julianne Bowman
Emily Jane
Tiffany Irving
Kat Munn
Will Blackstock
Jennifer Davis
Erin Butler
Kay Hoddy
Jeffrey Lassanske
David Kilgannon
Rose Lewis
Daniele Boucher
Jack Burton
James Gibson
Lawrence Medina
Kirsty Sider
Alexander Linde Nielsen
David Minch-Dixon
Josh Zurcher
Robert Rulison
Rachel Reeves
Stefan Sipika
Heather MacKenzie
Charles Allen Marable
Joli Furnari
Kathleen Birley
Lawrence Allen
Kirsten Bonner
Alexander Mulhern
Samantha Paul

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