Our plan is to make awesome content that’s free to consume. Unfortunately, whilst we have adverts and such, it doesn’t pay quite enough for everything we want to produce. That’s where YOU come in.

If you’d like to make a contribution to our running costs, we now have a Paypal account (see button below) where you can make one-off or occasional donations.

Coming soon, we’ll also have a Patreon for regular contributors who’ll get access to backer-only material that we think you’ll enjoy. And we’re putting together a Rusty Quill storefront so you can get hold of some very spiffy-looking merch for your shelves!

However, as much as we’d like your money, what we really need is as many listeners as possible. We really want folk to see/hear what we produce so be sure to recommend us to your friends, family or gaming group. If we’re not on your podcasting service of preference, let us know. If you liked an episode share it on social media (using the hashtags #RQGaming or #Magnus) comment on our dedicated forums, leave an iTunes review or send a cryptic telegram to a distant but incredibly wealthy relative who’s looking to commission an entire creative team for life.

Rusty Quill lives and breathes on community support and telling people about us is some of the best help you can give to ensure we carry on making the stuff you love!

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