This is where we’ll post any vacancies we have for rooms in Rusty Towers.

For all positions, please write to for more information and with details of your application & any relevant experience. Unless otherwise specified under the role, we are currently only accepting applications from UK-based folk.

Currently we are looking for the following:

Chief Marketing Officer

We’re looking for someone to join our top-level management team and spearhead the next stage of our growth. You’ll be managing our existing efforts (including overseeing Patreon and merchandising), devising & executing marketing strategy across our online & offline channels, establishing our presence at conventions and working to bring sponsors, affiliates and new clients on board. We need someone who has B2C marketing experience, is a good communicator, is able to work in a semi-structured environment and who can bring creative & strategic vision to our operations. Ideally you will be London-based or can readily get to London for meetings. As this is a directorial role, please send a CV and cover letter with your application.

Important: If you are currently working in a marketing role, please check with your employer that there are no conflicts of interest before applying.

Producers x2

As the needs of our productions grow, we find ourselves needing dedicated persons to manage individual workflows. Currently we are seeking a producer for each of The Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast and The Magnus Archives. As producer, you’ll be responsible for organising recording sessions, managing performers (including guests) and their attendance and ensuring issues with the podcast are flagged early to the relevant folks. Primarily, you need to be well-organised and confident with handling people.

Sound Editors

We are always interested in people with skills as a digital audio editor and who are capable of working with vocal cuts. Whilst the current phase of recruitment is closed, if you send us an application we’ll keep it on file for next time. We’re accepting applications from anywhere, including outside the UK.