An owl in the Gift Shoppe

Why yes, we have just acquired some new stock for the Gift Shoppe. There’s an owl, some tapes and a flurry of quills… Our first designs […]

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Gift Shoppe is open!

Welcome dear visitors to the hallowed halls of Rusty Towers and I am very pleased to announce that, following some extensive remodelling and arduous posing […]

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Archives accessibility

Having launched the Rusty Quill Patreon yesterday to great response (thank you so much to everyone who has already contributed), we’ve had some important feedback […]

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Patreon is live!

Well, here we are, the final day of #MarchMagnus! And as befitting the final day, we’ve saved our biggest announcement for last – Rusty Quill […]

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Gift shoppe coming soon

Come in, come in. Pardon the decorators, please, they’re setting up some of the new pictures we’ve ordered to brighten the place up a bit. […]

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