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This page is designed to assist in navigation and looking over our vast catalogue of Patreon exclusive content. Whether you are a new Patron looking to go back over our back catalogue or a long time supporter wishing to revisit the content you loved best or if you simply want to see what is on offer if you’re on the fence about backing us then this page should aid you understanding the type of content you will unlock.

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Editor note: content up to date as of 5 May 2021.

General Rusty Quill Patreon Content

Rusty Nobles ($10+)

Rusty Knights ($5+)

Rusty Bits:

Rusty Bits are an ongoing series of fun bitesize behind the scenes video clips.

Rusty Citizens ($2+)

Rusty Bits:

Meet the Editors:

Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast Patreon Content

Rusty Nobles ($10+)

Character Sheets:
Character Sheets are a collection of Player Character Sheets for Tabletop RPGs. The sheets are fully Pathfinder Roleplaying compatible. These sheets are designed to give you a reference guide to the stats and skills of our intrepid adventure or make it possible for you to take the role of one of our character in your own TTRPG game, play and listen along and more.

World Building Materials:
World Building Materials include additional information on the History, Geography, Technology and Politics of the world of Erasing The Line. These materials provide context and all the information you should need to set your own TTRPG game in the world explored in RQG.

Extra Bloopers:
Extra Bloopers are a collection of clips full of even more oops, goofs, errors and mistakes exclusively for Patrons.

Bonus Episodes:
Bonus Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast Episodes available only to subscribers of $10 and above.

Character Backstories:
Character Backstories delve deeper in to the origins, past and motives of our beloved RQG characters.

Fiction & Letters
Fiction & Letters – Want to see what our adventurers say to each other but dare not say out loud?

Misc. content
For everything else!

Rusty Knights ($5+)
Bonus Episodes:
Bonus Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast Episodes available only to subscribers of $5 and above.

Artwork for the Rusty Quill Gaming Podcast available in high resolution for screensavers and home printing.

The Magnus Archives Podcast Patreon Content

Rusty Nobles ($10+)

Martin’s Poetry:
Martin’s Poetry are pieces of poetry written in character as Martin Blackwood from The Magnus Archives. Giving more context to his actions and innermost workings through the fun medium of poetry.

Deluxe Transcripts:
Deluxe Transcripts are carefully crafted and designed transcripts that mirror the style and presentation of statements that may be found in the archives of the Magnus institute itself.

Bloopers: The Magnus Archives goofs and gaffs exclusively for Patrons.

Miscellaneous Bonuses:

Rusty Knights ($5+)
The Magnus Archives Artwork:
The Magnus Archives Artwork in high quality suitable for screensavers and home printing – if you don’t fear the risk of potential occult happenings that is…

Q&As: Questions and Answer sessions with The Magnus Archives team that bring you behind the scenes!

Fluff Episodes:
Fluff Episodes are recordings of Patreon exclusive fluff competitions.

Stellar Firma Podcast Patreon Content

Rusty Nobles ($10+)

Rusty Knights ($5+)


Knights ($5+)

RQ Streams Patreon Content

Citizens ($2+)