We started at zero, with only what we need… becoming world leaders in our field by virtue of dedication, innovation and constantly striving to keep ourselves free from the trappings and affectations that weigh down our competitors. 

We place content creators at our heart, trimming away the bits that don’t matter – it’s easier and quicker without all the nonsense. 

None of this has happened by accident. 
Alexander J Newall, CEO

Who Are We?


Rusty Quill is an industry leading independent production company and podcast network. It was founded in 2015 and works to originate, find, develop, fund, produce and distribute exceptional media content around the world.

We specialise in original audio fiction and operate the RQ Network, a podcast network created by podcasters for podcasters. This inclusive platform works to champion the best new and diverse voices in Podcasting featuring both RQ Originals and external creators

It offers distribution, marketing and advertising opportunities for its members and provides a curated, multi-award-winning experience for a global community of millions featuring international sensations alongside cult-classics and breakout independent shows all under the RQ banner.

Rusty Quill consistently sets the standard in every aspect of its business and its brand has now become a stamp of quality that guarantees whatever you are about to experience is one of the greatest works of its type, created with integrity and crafted with the highest possible production value. Not only that, by supporting this work listeners also contribute to our ongoing charitable efforts which have raised more than £100,000 to date for multiple causes including MindMermaidsActionAidCentrePoint, and the International Covid-19 Relief Fund. 

Our values

We tell stories, and we enable those who share our values to tell their stories. 

These stories form the basis for how we think about the world and how we live our lives. They preserve culture and connect us to universal truths about ourselves and our world. They help us to understand ourselves better and to empathise with others.  
Stories are powerful. 

Stories can change the world.  

We take this responsibility seriously, so we hold our values at the core of everything we do, giving us a purpose and framework for everything we produce: 


We make our own choices, free from external editorial or artistic control, doing things our own way.


We foster a culture that rewards hard work regardless of background, beliefs, physical ability, race, or gender.


Everything we’ve achieved has been done fairly and honestly. Our moral compass is our greatest strength.


We are the best at what we do because we don’t settle for less than exceptional.

We care what we put our name to.


We’re welcoming, inclusive and compassionate but we don’t shy away from making tough decisions to protect our team.

Our History

June 2015

We launch our first podcast, a collaborative “Actual Play” Table Top RPG starring comedians, improvisers and writers playing in an original game world.

June 2015

Alexander J Newall founds the company and launches it’s first podcast.

March 2016

We launch our second podcast. This ongoing long-form anthology rapidly becomes an international sensation.

November 2017

Outliers Launches

This historic fiction podcast, produced in association with Historic Royal Palaces launches with a selection of stories from award-winning contemporary writers examining non-mainstream historical narratives.

November 2017

This annual livestream event begins raising money for charity.

February 2019

Stellar Firma Launches

This long form, semi-improvised, dystopic, sci-fi, comedy podcast launches. 

January 2020

RQ Streams Launches

Rusty Quill launches regular video content via Twitch. The first series introduces new gamers to the medium. 

July 2020

RQ signs with WME

RQ signs landmark representation deal with WME. 

October 2020

Enthusigasm Launches

Our second Patreon exclusive pilot season. This talk show podcast features cast, crew and guests who help make the Rusty Quill possible.

March 2021

The podcast concludes after 200 core episodes, with more than 40 critical awards and an international cult following.

April 2021

Inexplicables Launches

This 6 part dark comedy launches exclusively on Patreon.

June 2021

Rusty Quill updates its branding in anticipation of its new wave of content.

September 2021

With 76 episodes and a massive slew of bonus content Stellar Firma ends its run.

October 2021

Enthusigasm Launches again!

Launches as a public show after high demand. 

TBA 2022

The podcast concludes after more than 220 core episodes and multiple critical awards ending the first phase of Rusty Quill’s content. 

TBA 2022

New Show in Development Launches


TBA 2022

Chapter & Multiverse Launches

A new TTRPG actual play series focusing on the multiverse city of chapter featuring expanded cast, multiple settings and systems. 

TBA 2022

Trice Forgotten Launches

A new nautical epic celebrating scientists of colour on their ocean adventures/ 

TBA 2022

Cry Havoc! Ask Questions Launches

A new comedy of errors examining power and its mismanagement during the peak of Ancient Rome.

TBA 2022

New Show in Development Launches


Our Team


Senior Leadership

Middle Management


Join Us

If you are interested in our work and want to learn more about how you can contribute, there are multiple ways to get involved: 

As a Viewer

Obvious we know, but the first and best way you can help us is by checking out what we make!

If you like it recommend us to your friends, family or colleagues, rate and review us online wherever you can and just keep spreading the word!

As a Paying Fan

If you want to help us keep the lights on in a more direct way you could join our Patreon for a whole array of bonus materials and events, purchase merchandise from our various stores or even donate directly if you are feeling particularly generous! 

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We are always on the lookout for new and talented people to come work with us. If you’re interested check out our Jobs page for more info.