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News – Rusty Quill signs with WME
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Ben Meredith
Tim Meredith
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Bryn Monroe
Alexander J Newell
Lydia Nicholas
Christopher Vaughan
Brock Winstead
April Summer
Ed Von Aderkas
Lowri Ann
Anil Godigamuwe
Helen Gould
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Mike LeBeau
James Austin
Jonathan Sims
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Nico Vettese
Alasdair Stuart
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Martyn Pratt

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Rusty Quill signs with WME in podcast industry first
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Chief Human Resourcing Offer Job Spec [Position Filled]
Chief Finance Officer Job Specification [Position Filled]
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The Magnus Archives Debuts New Logo and Trailer Press Release

The Magnus Archives Episodes

Season 1

TMA – Episode 1 – Angler Fish
TMA – Episode 2 – Do Not Open
TMA – Episode 3 – Across The Street
TMA – Episode 4 – Page Turner
TMA – Episode 5 – Thrown Away
TMA – Episode 6 – Squirm
TMA – Episode 7 – The Piper
TMA – Episode 8 – Burned Out
TMA – Episode 9 – A Father’s love
TMA – Episode 10 – Vampire Killer
TMA – Episode 11 – Dreamer

Season 5

TMA – Episode 161 – Dwelling
TMA – Episode 162 – A Cosy Cabin
TMA – Episode 163 – In The Trenches
TMA – Episode 164 – The Sick Village
TMA Episode 165 – Revolutions
TMA Episode 166 – The Worms
TMA Episode 167 – Curiosity
TMA – Episode 168 – Roots
TMA – Episode 169 – Fire Escape
TMA – Episode 170 – Recollection
TMA – Episode 171 – The Gardener
TMA – Episode 172 – Strung Out
TMA – Episode 173 – Night Night

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Digital Trends
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Screen Rant – Best podcasts for horror movie fanatics
Screen Rant – Best Horror Podcasts
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AV CLUB – Podcast news round-up
AV CLUB – Episode 161 Dwelling and podcast round-up
Bustle – 9 Creepy Podcasts that seem real
Bustle – 13 scary podcasts – 10 Long-Running Science Fiction/Horror Fiction Podcasts – Inside the Cult of Fear: Finding Humanity in Horror Fiction – The Evolution of Horror in The Magnus Archives
Tor/Forge Blog – 5 Reasons To Listen Rusty Quill’s The Magnus Archives
Discover Pods -Seven Horror Audio Drama Podcasts
Discover Pods – The Magnus Archives and Tumblr
Briony Rose Smith – Season 1 Statement
Briony Rose Smith – Season 2 Statement
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Briony Rose Smith– Season 4 Statement
The Podcast Dragon – The Top 30 Podcasts of 2019
The Podcast Dragon – On Season Finales
Medium – In depth Analysis of the theme
Medium – Extremely relatable horror podcast The Magnus Archives
The Meta: A Podcast About Podcasts – Episode 1: The Magnus Archives
The Meta: A Podcast About Podcasts – Episode 2: More Magnus Archives
Book Riot Best Horror Fiction Podcast
Book Riot – #1 Best Fiction Podcasts
The Verge – 10 scary podcasts to listen to in the dark
The Verge – The entertainment that got us through 2020

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The Cambridge Geek
Winner of 3 Audio Verse Awards in 2019
BBC Audio Drama Awards
Yahoo news
Beyond Joke

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Alasdair Stuart
Discoverpods – 5 Comedy Improv Podcasts
Discoverpods – Spacescaping: Exploring Stellar Firma
The Podcast Dragon
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Audio Verse Awards 2019
Black Gate
The Meta: A Podcasts About Podcast – Episode 4: Stellar Firma
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Overly Sarcastic Productions
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BBC Record London
The Podcast Dragon – Press Release “Rusty Quill Signs with WME” – Press Release “Rusty Quill Signs with WME”
The Podcast Radio “Podcast Network Rusty Quill signs with WME”
The Scotsman “Award Winning Horror Fiction Podcast Teases Final Chilling Season”
Podnews Rusty Quill Signs with WME in Trailblazing Move
Acquisition International “Acquisition International Business Award Winners”
This Is Horror“Tumblr loves Animal Crossing and The Magnus Archives”
Haggis and Dragons “Interview with Alexander J. Newall at PodCon UK 2020”
Negative Legend “Rusty Quill Sponsor YouTube video on Generator Rex”
Radio Reverb “Podcast of the Month April 2020”
The Podcast Radio “Jonny Sims on The Magnus Archives Final Season”
BZ Film “The Magnus Archives debuts new logo, preps for its final season”
Trailer Zone “Trending: The Magnus Archives Season 5 Trailer”
Riverside Radio: Arts Watch Lydia Interview: The Magnus Archives
The Podcast Dragon “The Magnus Archives Debuts New Logo and Trailer for Fifth and Final Season”
EH Extra “Podcasts: The Rising Media Form” “Virtual HorrorCon Annouce Schedule”
BBC Radio 4 Extra “Podcast Radio Hour: Audio Fiction” “Rusty Quill Debuts New Logo and Video Trailer” “Gehenna Gaming Announces Virtual Horror”

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