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Cry Havoc! Ask Questions Later

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Hi Nay Cover Art, consisting of a dark blue background with a black silhouetted city scape with what could be a communications tower in Toronto left side of the picture with a logo over the top of the tower the logo is all in red, consisting of a circle around a square, triangle and eye overlapping. On the right side is a stylised head and hair of a lady on a mobile phone looking towards left of the picture. The show name “Hi Nay” is written in large yellow font across the bottom left of the image, bottom right in small yellow writing like a signature is written “by Motzie Dapul”, top right of the image is the Rusty Quill logo in White.

Hi Nay

Show cover art, back ground is a field of stars and space, there are 2 bright starts top right of the image, and in the center is a pink planet surrounded by a black and then a green circle. There are 4 green triangles on the surface of the planet laid out like a compass. Below the planet is in green writing is "PLANET ARCANA".

Planet Arcana

Show cover Art, In large Black writing it says "Clockwork Bird Or the modern Icarus" this is placed on a on a cream background which is covered in strange symbols and binary in light brown, there is a black silhouette of a bird on its back with a key protruding from where its heart would be. The Rusty Quill logo in black is in the bottom left corner and it says Hanging Sloth Studios in the bottom right.

Clockwork Bird

Show Artwork showing text Wireland Ranch an amalgamation infront of a pink mushroom cloud with a person in the fore ground looking at it.

Wireland Ranch

Cover art for Selene Show, an outline of a dark city back lit with a large full moon. Text with the name of the Show Selene across the middle a rusty quill logo bottom right and text bottom left saying A Clever > Than Production.


The Lovely Dark

Not Quite Dead

Westside Fairytales

Spirit Box Radio


Circe show art with Rusty Quill Logo.

Circe Podcast

Maeltopia show cover art with Rusty Quill logo bottom right.


The Cellar Letters Logo, combined with Rusty Quill Logo.

The Cellar Letters

Wake of Corrosion Cover Art.

Wake Of Corrosion

The Diary of Aliza Schultz Cover Art showing a diary on a table.

The Diary Of Aliza Schultz

Title artwork of the show, with Text in white saying "Ain't slayed nobody" on a black background and surrounded by a Triangle that could be a portal with blue tentacles coming out of it around the title. In the Bottom right of the picture there is the Rusty Quill Logo.

Ain’t Slayed Nobody

Tiny Terrors

Dice Shame Logo

Dice Shame

The Sleep Wake Cycle

The Program audio series

What Happened in Skinner


Ostium Podcast

Tin Can Audio Presents…

The Hyacinth Disaster


Old Gods of Appalachia

I Am In Eskew

We’re Alive

The Town Whispers

The Milkman of St. Gaff’s


The Silt Verses

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Compulsory Film Appreciation