Ain’t Slayed Nobody

Ain’t Slayed Nobody is a multi-award-winning actual play podcast set in the American Old West. The production blends tabletop roleplaying and audio drama with fast pacing and immersive sound design. We play a tabletop RPG, but you don’t need to know the rules at all to join the posse, just saddle up and soak it all in. Wander into the haunted deserts of Texas to find femurs that turn to mist and canteens which make for impromptu grenades to fight back the terrors of the Cthulhu Mythos.

Season 1: “Y’all of Cthulhu” In the whistling desert winds, a man is hanged and the age-old story of revenge begins. Deputy sheriff Ellie Bishop takes it upon herself to pursue her father’s suspected killer, Colin Brock. She convinces her motley crew—a grizzled miner, a sinful priest, a mysterious drifter, and a wayward gunslinger—to travel down darker trails and find the blighted town of Olvido. There, our heroes must stand against the sinister Brock gang and bring their fetid cosmic horrors to justice.

Season 2: “Bleeker Trails” Roll up! Roll up! Our second season is well underway. Take your seat and watch as Bleeker’s Marvelous Medicine Show performs for you tonight. We have extraordinary acts—genderfluid gunslinger, burlesque acrobat, bookworm strongman, stage hypnotist, hapless beast man, and oh so many more. Under it all, the true purpose of the troupe is revealed, as they are hired to seek out oddities along the dusty paths of their traveling wagon. The horrors are out there and something is behind all of this strangeness.

Short Series Collection: An anthology of one-shot actual plays which will see you taken from the foreboding ancient woods of Appalachia to the barren alien hellscapes of what might be Penge. Laugh, cry, and feel the dread build with each and every step as you wonder what exactly that accent is meant to be.

Producer and Host: cuppycup

Writer: Graeme Patrick

Story Editors: cuppycup, Graeme Patrick

Audio Editor, Sound Designer, and Music Supervisor: cuppycup

Players: London Carlisle, Wes Davis, Rina Haenze, Bridgett Jeffries, Chuck Lawrence, Brandon Wainerdi

Voice Actors: Delton Engle-Sorrell, Virginia Lee, Nic Rosenberg, Danny Scott

Marketing and Community: cuppycup

Artist: Ewerton Lua


Gold ENNIE Award 2022

Best Podcast

Audio Verse Awards 2020

Best New Improvised Production, Best Player Director in a New Improvised Production (cuppycup)

ENWorld Favourite TTRPG Podcast 2021

Second Place

ENWorld Favourite TTRPG Podcast 2020

Sixth Place

Audio Verse Awards 2022

Best Existing Improvised Production, Best Player Direction of an Existing Production (cuppycup), Best Player in an Existing Production (London Carlisle, Wes Davis), Best Guest Player in an Existing Production (Cam Collins, Joe Trier)

ENWorld Favourite TTRPG Podcast 2022

First Place (Hall of Fame)


The Call of Cthulhu TTRPG had a clean sweep in last night's 2022 ENNIES Awards, winning in all six categories it was nominated for, including Product of the Year! Call of Cthulhu wins big at the 2022 ENNIES - Chaosium Inc. (August 5, 2022)
Earlier this year, the comedy roleplaying troupe Ain’t Slayed Nobody officially launched and debuted its first audio podcast adventure, Y'all of Cthulhu. The group chose the superb Call of Cthulhu (published by Chaosium) as its first RPG system to … Ride Down Darker Trails In The Call Of Cthulhu Old West Podcast Ain't Slayed Nobody - THEGAMER (December 28, 2020)
Ain’t Slayed Nobody

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