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  • Announcement: Space Crime Continuum LIVE SHOW 1:55

    Hey everyone! This is a bit unusual, but we wanted to share a cool event happening in Toronto on November 16 and 23, and if you stick around to the end of this, you'll get to hear a teaser for the next episode of Hi Nay - 34.2, Kapitbahay (Neighbor). Stay tuned!


    Infidelity, sibling rivalries, undercover aliens—nothing says ‘luxury space travel’ like a ‘fairly minor workplace accident’ 🤷🛸

    It’s up to YOU to determine the culprit and punishment in this immersive, interactive, improvised murder mystery!

    From 6am productions, come join Space Crime Continuum at Toronto’s Offworldbar at 789 Queen Street on Nov 16 & 23. Get your tickets now at Don't worry, we also put the link in the description.

    Doors open at 7pm, show starts at 8. Support some of Toronto's fantastic performers and take part in solving the mystery!

    And now, for our teaser for Hi Nay’s next episode, Episode 34.2, Kapitbahay (Neighbor)!

    (Note: We'll be deleting this announcement after November 23!)

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Hi Nay

Hi Nay is a supernatural horror fiction podcast with a Filipina protagonist and Filipino supernatural elements. It has multiple BIPOC LGBTQ+ characters, and primarily takes place in Toronto  
Hi Nay, literally translated to “Hi Mom”, follows Mari, a Filipina immigrant who lives in Toronto. 

Mari first gets roped into Toronto’s supernatural crises after saving Laura from being killed. From then on, she assists Detectives Donner and Murphy in dealing with supernatural threats using her upbringing as a babaylan (Shaman).   

Mari finds herself dealing with a multitude of supernatural issues in Toronto. She has a great aptitude for magic, though her abilities seem to have a price she’s not forthcoming about. She calls her Nanay (mother) often and recounts her experiences over the phone.  

This exciting audio drama is filled with Mystery, Suspense, and most importantly, Horror. 

Motzie Dapul (Creator, writer, director, editor, voice actor for Mari)

Reg Geli (Co-creator, editor)

Yoyi Halago, Alyssa Gimenez (Editors)

Abigayle Rhodes as Laura, Leon Johnson as Donner, Edward Boxler as Murphy, Adil Ramchurn as Ashvin (Main Cast)

More credits and roles available in the episode descriptions. 

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