A New World of Horror Fiction

Maeltopia: A New World of Horror Fiction is a diverse collection of original horror and dark fiction featuring interconnected long-form serials, spanning subgenres from dark fantasy and dark sci-fi to weird fiction and more, all set within the ever-expanding literary universe of Maeltopia 

Maeltopia explores an alternate modern-day world in the aftermath of the Great Darkness of 1999 —a year-long global amnesia that not all survived. The Post-Darkness world is a nightmarish version of its former self, with a landscape as twisted as the minds of its survivors. Often containing neurodiverse perspectives, their narratives intertwine action, intrigue and mystery with compelling characters, foreboding settings and a thoughtful approach to all things macabre. 

Maeltopia is a small team of three neuroatypical writers who have spent years creating a richly textured world with a deep mythology. They enjoy exploring themes and narratives on everything from powerful anti-heroes and fearsome gods to warring factions, mysterious artefacts, secret histories and much more. Along with additional publications following their award-winning novel, THE RED SON, they look forward to sharing their work through graphic novels, tabletop gaming and more.

Mark Anzalone – writer, voice actor

Steve Anzalone – writer, audio engineer, voice actor

Walker Kornfeld – copy editor

Kelly Bair – voice actor


Coming soon!


Maeltopia is a dark, strange fantasy world a leap and a nightmare or two away from here. What lurks there is a creative dystopian vision largely created on a couch in the early morning hours on Columbia Street by a deep-thinking and prolific, … The world according to Maeltopia: Trio creates sought-after fantasy world - NNY360 (October 26, 2019)

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