Ostium Podcast

Some doors should not be opened

Ostium is an Adventure, sci-fi , fantasy audio drama podcast set in the mysterious and thrilling town of Ostium. Follows Jake Fisher who discovers a secret and abandoned town hidden in the far reaches of Northern California. Jake notices something: while there is no one around, there are many, many doors. When he eventually gets inside Ostium he learns that every door has a specific number. None of the doors will open for him, until he starts with the first door. It opens and begins a journey for him that will take him far away from his normal life, through many more doors leading to different places in time and space …

Written and Directed by Alex C. Telander

Music by Chris Fletcher

Jake Fisher – Chris Fletcher

Monica – Georgia McKenzie


Coming soon!


Ostium is about a guy named Jake Fisher who comes across a strange walled-off town called Ostium while participating in some geocaching games. It turns out that every door in Ostium contains a portal to another place, each one more fascinating than … 10 Thrilling Audio Dramas to Transport You to Other Planes of Existence - Gizmodo (July 3, 2020)
Inspired by the classic games Myst and Riven, Ostium is a podcast about a man who stumbles into information about a strange town called Ostium while looking around maps online. When he finds Ostium, he comes across a complex world of doors and … 35 of the Best Sci Fi Podcasts to Listen to Right Now - Discoverpods (February 17, 2022)
Ostium Podcast

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