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Spirit Box Radio

Spirit Box Radio is an award winning, horror audio drama podcast about a radio show for enthusiasts of all things arcane.

Follow Sam Enfield a former postboy with no experience in the arcane arts, who finds themselves forced to take over running the show, following the disappearance of the previous host.

Sam soon discovers there are more than ghosts haunting the show, and finds himself amidst a mystery which threatens everything he knows about the world beyond his tiny basement broadcast studio, and maybe even himself.

Transcripts available on the HSS website.

Created by Eira Major of Hanging Sloth Studios

Full Cast list can be found here: Cast List

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Spirit Box Radio started airing in November 2020. It now has almost 100 episodes and won the The People’s Choice Podcast Awards Best Fiction Podcast of 2021, and a finalist in the 2021 Audio Verse Awards, at which it also won Best Guest Performance.


16 fiction podcast debuts

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