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Season 1

  • Episode 7 – What Time Is It? 35:11

    EPISODE 7 - The crew decides to alter the deal at the last minute, and Station panics.

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  • Episode 6 – Zero out of Five Stars 24:47

    EPISODE 6 - The crew is finally ready to finish the deal and ransom Ember, but nothing goes smoothly.

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  • Episode 5 – The Lonely Confertree 28:13

    EPISODE 5 - The crew moves to the shuttle as the Missus crumbles around them, and hope crashes down.

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  • Episode 4 – Up, Down, or Sideways 23:30

    EPISODE 4 - The crew tries to repair failing equipment as communication degrades and danger grows.


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  • Episode 3 – Rookies on Payday 20:17

    EPISODE 3 - The crew descends into the asteroid to find a missing team member and the data they're risking everything for.


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  • Episode 2 – I’m Not Singing 22:04

    EPISODE 2 - The crew works against an accelerating clock and growing distrust to finish the job.



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  • Episode 1 – Just Doing a Job 26:08

    EPISODE 1 - The Hyacinth crew struggle through breakdowns and alarms to scan a promising asteroid before time runs out for their friends on the Corvus.


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The Hyacinth Disaster

Out here, life is harsh and lives are cheap. If one or two vessels fall victim to relentless corporate rivalry, what is that to the company?

The Hyacinth Disaster is a Sci-fi found footage podcast which follows the events of the Hyacinth Disaster. The worst and most cataclysmic disaster of 2151 AD. In the future of the Hyacinth Disaster Mars and Jupiter have been colonised and between them lays 150 million resource-rich asteroids populate and many more orbit Jupiters vast Lagrange regions.

A dozen supercorporations compete beyond the reach of civilized law, battling for the incalculable resources. Beneath them these corporations a thousand contract mining crews struggle to prosper despite the best efforts of their employers. All of this sets the scene of what leads to The Hyacinth Disaster.

Show transcripts and individual episodes available here.

Written and directed by David Carlson

Argus – Teague Chrystie

Blue – Laurie Carlson

Con and Grimm – David Carlson

Dreadnought – Andrew “Boter” Bugenis

Ember – Joanna Newton

Finch – Amanda Carlson

Station – Sgt Matthew Gomes

Temple – Chris Walker

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“The Hyacinth Disaster doesn’t even feel scripted. The voice acting is seamless. The script is set up incredibly well. You could be actually listening in on the tapes from a lost spaceship. The way the cast meshes, they sound like a crew who have been together for a long time. You can almost hear the in-jokes as they talk to each other under their lines.
The sound mixing is also very good.”
Carolyn DuckerGeek Girl Authority

“The Hyacinth Disaster is a gripping sci-fi thriller about a crew of doomed asteroid miners”The Verge – Pod Hunters

The Hyacinth Disaster – Podcast Review – The Cambridge Geek

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