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The Magnus Protocol

Rusty Quill presents: The Magnus Protocol. The next instalment in the universe of The Magnus Archives.

We are proud to announce that our Kickstarter crowdfunding for The Magnus Protocol was a huge success! A big thank you to all the backers and fans. Visit our Kickstarter campaign for updates.

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The Magnus Institute was an organisation dedicated to academic research into the esoteric and the paranormal, based out of Manchester, England. It burned to the ground in 1999. There were no survivors. Now, almost 25 years later, Alice and Sam, a pair of low-level civil service workers at the underfunded Office of Incident Assessment and Response, have stumbled across its legacy. A legacy that will put them in grave danger.

The Magnus Archives 2, otherwise known as The Magnus Protocol, is planned to be three additional seasons within the universe of The Magnus Archives. Each episode is planned to be at least 22 minutes in length with some double length episodes. 

The Magnus Protocol will be available for free with ads wherever you listen to your podcasts, with ad-free episodes, bonus and supplementary material available to paying fans who support the show.

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