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  • The Silt Verses – Season 2 Q&A 1:58:25

    Yes, it's here (and thank you for waiting) - the absurdly long 2-hour Silt Verses Season 2 QnA, hosted by the incredible William A. Wellman of Hello from the Hallowoods.

    The episode transcript can be found here:


    1.45: Are there any gods that you wanted to show or use this season, but just didn't find an opportunity for?

    5.30: In terms of sound design, what was the hardest part to produce? What was the most fun?

    10:20: Were there any scenes you were particularly pleased with the outcome of?

    14.47: What was your Season Two moment where you just looked at the script and went, “Oh, that's a lot!”

    25.35: Are there countries other than the Linger Straits and Peninsula?

    27.39: How do you cope with managing an increasing number of plot lines and characters throughout The Silt Verses?

    29.41: I love what Paige and Hayward have going on. How would you describe their dynamic?

    33.00: Favorite line or favourite line read in Season Two?

    41.26: Jimmie. How are you so good?

    42.07: Are the hunter twins as young or younger than Faulkner?

    43.20: Does Faulkner have combat training?

    45.06: Is the Season 2 finale the last we'll see of Gage?

    47.50: Was the Glooming Guest inspired by the UK miner's strikes?

    50.56: If you could play any other character in this podcast or another one who would it be?

    53.34: S1 was very monologue heavy, but especially toward the latter half of S2 we're taken less and less out of the immediate action to hear it narrated to us. Was this intentional?

    59.15: Who is the coolest god? Which one could you get a beer with?

    1.00.34: Is there a future where we can see side story episodes not tied directly to the story?

    1.05.51: Talk more about the echo angel episode!

    1.08.31: Is ethical necromancy possible under divine capitalism?

    1.09.55: What resources would you recommend to aspiring podcast teams with respect to the production pipeline and showrunning? And are there any underrated pieces of advice that you could give us?

    1.17.45: How did you come up with Paige's god?

    1.18.07: Could you talk about your inspiration for the Cairn Maiden?

    1.20.00: How did Méabh get into voice work?

    1.23.50: A lot of horror audio dramas tend to reveal or overexplain — is it difficult to resist showing too much to the audience?

    1.27.50: What parts of the new worldbuilding did you really want to get into for this season?

    1.29.21: Jimmie – how do you feel about Hayward's journey from cop to rebel?

    1.29.47: What inspired you to create Mercer, Gage, and the Beast Who Stalks In The Long Grass?

    1.32.33: Is it possible that Carpenter’s behavior in season 2 is being influenced by the snare dog bite she got in season 1?

    1.36.30: Daphne, what was your favourite scene to perform?

    1.37.23: What was the thought process behind how Mercer and Gage's plotline wrapped itself up?

    1.38.21: Did the way you think about Carpenter and Faulkner's relationship change between writing season 1 and season 2?

    1.43.00: Are there any characters and or arcs that have been much better received than you expected, or conversely didn't get the expected love?

    1.46.41: Could you talk a bit about the sound design for the final two episodes? (The battle)

    1.52.17: Is Faulkner canonically trans?

    1.56.49: Can we please have a very vague hint to the events of Season 3?

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  • Chapter 29: And Where My Final Footsteps Fall 37:52

    The siege of the Gulch ends. War begins.

    This episode stars JV Hampton Van-Sant, Sarah Griffin, Méabh de Brún, Mark Anzalone, B. Narr, Daphne Nitsuga, Sarah Golding, Jimmie Yamaguchi, Lucille Valentine, William A. Wellman, Cait Gallagher and Jamie Stewart.

    It contains scenes of very intense bloody violence.

    Outro music: 'Return to the River' by Skip Kent-Davy:


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  • Chapter 28: To Drift On, To Dream, To Die 53:40

    As Mercer and Gage arrive at the Paraclete's Gulch, Carpenter and Faulkner ready themselves to make one last stand at the water's edge.

    This episode contains scenes of intense gunfire, crying children, violence and some body horror.

    It stars Daphne Nitsuga, JV Hampton Van-Sant, Sarah Griffin, Mark and Steven Anzalone, Méabh de Brún, B. Narr, Cait Gallagher and Jamie Stewart.


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  • Chapter 27: So I’ll Bear It Trembling Onwards 38:30

    On either side of the border, two separate groups of fugitives find themselves running for their lives.

    This episode features: William A. Wellman, Graham Rowat, Jasper Locke, JV Hampton Van-Sant, B. Narr, Méabh de Brún, Cait Gallagher, Lucille Valentine, Jimmie Yamaguchi, and the Host from We Are Not Meant To Know.


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  • Chapter 26: My Song, My Sorrow and I 41:28

    As Paige and Hayward plan the propagation of their new god, they select their first true sacrifice.

    Jimmie Yamaguchi

    Lucille Valentine

    Graham Rowat

    The Host, from We Are Not Meant To Know

    And Lucy Winter.


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  • Chapter 25: But We’ll Never Be Rid Of Each Other 36:15

    As Mercer and Gage hunt down fresh quarry, Carpenter finds herself in a tight spot.

    This episode features Daphne Nitsuga, JV Hampton Van-Sant, Méabh de Brún, B. Narr, Cait Gallagher, and Harlan Guthrie.

    It contains scenes featuring loud gunshots and other loud noises, moderate violence, and offscreen torture (heavily implied and referenced).

    The transcript can be found here:

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Chapter 24: And We’d Be Gone Without A Trace 51:32

    Carpenter returns home - and revisits the unhappiest night of her life.

    This episode features Méabh de Brún, Liz Ryan, Carmella Brown, and B. Narr.

    It contains scenes of intense family trauma, sacrifice, body horror and bloody violence.


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  • Chapter 23: I’d Howl, I’d Scream, In Victory 44:28

    Paige and Hayward begin to plan out exactly what a new god might look like.

    This episode features Lucille Valentine, Jimmie Yamaguchi and Graham Rowat.

    This episode features scenes of vomiting, manipulative parenting, and minor self-harm.


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  • Chapter 22: One Final Fall From Grace 37:52

    Faulkner, with a clutch of zealous young acolytes in tow, heads into the high hills in search of allies.

    This episode features the voices of B. Narr, Cait Gallagher, William A. Wellman, Mintaka Angell, Harlan Guthrie and Cole Weavers.

    It includes multiple scenes of strong violence and some body horror.

    Episode transcript:

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  • Chapter 21: We’d Both Go Plunging Downwards 36:50

    As Mercer and Gage continue their pursuit of the Trawler-man's disciples down the length of the White Gull, the ambitious Adjudicator Shrue embarks upon their re-election campaign...

    This episode stars Daphne Nitsuga, JV Hampton Van-Sant, Sarah Griffin, Sena Bryer and Oliver Smith. (It also features additional voices from James J Harringman, Tanja Milojevic, Lucille Valentine, Cole Weavers and Calder Dougherty.)

    Special thanks to Kiri Wolff and Clay Scarberry for Shrue campaign slogans.

    Warning: This episode also features scenes of intense body horror from the 26-minute mark onwards.

    Episode transcript:

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  • Chapter 20: And Rend Us Both To Dust Below 35:26

    Episode summary:

    Paige embarks on her quest to make a new kind of god - and enlists the help of an old friend.

    This episode stars Jimmie Yamaguchi, David Ault and Lucille Valentine. The transcript can be found here.

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  • Chapter 19: I’d Bear This Song To The Precipice 39:23

    As Carpenter makes her long pilgrimage back to the White Gull River, she encounters a young girl who's been hallowed with a strange and unhappy condition - which leads her to make an impulsive decision.

    This episode features, in order of their appearance: Méabh de Brún, Daphne Nitsuga, Caleb del Rio, Carmella Brown, and Jonny Sims.

    Content warning: This episode features scenes of immolation.


    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Chapter 18: If My Hands Could Shape The Flow 40:46

    Across the border, in the city of Nesh, an exile attempts to make a fresh start.

    Content warnings: This episode contains reference to suicidality (10.20-11.30) and two scenes of extremely bloody violence, including character torture (26.00-30.00 and 33.00-34.00).

    Episode transcript:


    Lucille Valentine, Pip Gladwin, Jimmie Yamaguchi, Mintaka Angell, Shogo Miyakita, Michelle Kelly, and Siobhan McAuliffe.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Chapter 17: If I Could Trace With Bloodless Fingers 35:06

    Carpenter wakes in a garden of the dead - and reflects on the possibility of life beyond the Trawler-man.

    Content warnings: This episode features descriptions of physical decay, acts of drowning/poisoning, and physical assault.

    This episode stars Sarah Griffin, Méabh de Brún, Sarah Golding, Daphne Nitsuga and JV Hampton Van-Sant. Additional voices provided by Cole Weavers and Michelle Kelly.


    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Chapter 16: And The Current Flows On Without End 38:20

    Content warning: This episode contains references to war, gunfire, one extended scene of mass murder including presumed infanticide, bodily transformation.

    We meet Mercer and Gage - a pair of god-hunters and mercenaries, in the employ of the Peninsulan Government. Meanwhile, a young prophet unexpectedly returns home to his people.

    Featuring: Daphne Nitsuga, JV Hampton Van-Sant, Sarah Griffin, Jamie Stewart, B. Narr and Daisy Bilenkin.


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Season 1

The Silt Verses

A dark road trip into the depths of unusual faith, ritual and sacrifice.

The Silt Verses is a full-cast audio drama that lurks in the grey area between horror and contemporary fantasy. Carpenter and Faulkner, worshippers of an outlawed god, are travelling up the length of their deity’s great black river, searching for holy revelations amongst the reeds and the wetlands. In these forgotten rural territories, new and strange gods of have flourished and Carpenter and Faulker must navigate this world of ritual, hidden language, and sacrifice. As they find themselves under threat from a police manhunt, the question remains: just how deep does their faith run?

Show transcripts available here.

Written and directed by Jon Ware

Produced by Muna Hussen

Edited by Sammy Holden

Performed by B. Narr and David S. Dear

Performed by B. Narr and David S. Dear

Recurring Cast and Collaborators: Jamie Stewart, Jimmie Yamaguchi, Lucille Valentine, Méabh de Brún, Calder Dougherty, Daisy Bilenkin, Gordon Houston, Damien Nieweswand, Parley Cook, Jonah Knight, Mintaka Angell, Caleb Del Rio

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Finalist 2021 Audioverse Awards


“This is truly epic horror. Plus, the voicework is brilliant” – The Guardian

The podcast is heavy, atmospheric. Things are dark, and grim, and delivered through a mix of dialogue and fierce narration. It’s a moody tale, following many different strands of the vicissitudes of faith. Personal faith, driving journeys in life, and corporate faith, with people working together to make things as terrible as possible. And something in the background – the insidious faith that comes over the airwaves. It’s a tale I recommend you listen to. 5 Stars”. – The Cambridge Geek

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