Westside Fairytales

Horror and Dark Fiction Stories

The Westside Fairytales is as an award winning, horror and dark-fiction storytelling podcast with stories spanning multiple genres, subjects, and locales that all take place in the same universe.  

Demons, desperate souls, and eldritch horrors. Strange and varied original stories that will linger long after you’ve finished listening.  

The Westside Fairytales is long-running and lore-dense, but every story is written as an entry-point for new listeners and can be enjoyed independently of the greater universe.

Original stories, performance, music, and production by Tyler Bell 

Episode art by Yui Breedlove (fiercelyyui.com


LEO Weekly’s 2022 Literary LEO short fiction competition

The Westside Fairytales story “Lagunitas, 4 a.m.” won Second Place in LEO Weekly’s 2022 Literary LEO short fiction competition.

2022 People’s Choice Podcast Awards

The Westside Fairytales is a Top 10 Finalist for Fiction

2022 CrowdUltra Podcast Awards

The Westside Fairytales is a Top 5 Finalist for Fiction

2020 Audio Verse Awards

The Westside Fairytales won Best Storytelling Production, Best Storyteller in a Storytelling Production, and Best Writing of a Storytelling Production


Tyler Bell is the writer, and the voice, behind the podcast “The Westside Fairytales,” and this collection comes from the story-scripts of its fourth season. The author-podcaster’s background includes war zone deployments with the Marines and writing … Two New Short Story Collections From Louisville Authors That Are Worth Your Consideration - Leo Weekly (November 4, 2021)
Westside Fairytales

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