A mysterious and violent online game.

WOE.BEGONE is mystery/sci-fi/horror audiodrama about Mike Walters, a man who discovers a mysterious and violent online game.

What begins as an investigation into the game and who might be running it quickly spirals into a pursuit of the technology that makes the game possible. As Mike discovers more about the fabric of his reality, he learns how malleable it truly is and how precarious his position within it can be.  WOE.BEGONE is an exploration of the nature of power, the limitations of linear time, and what it means to be an individual person. 

WOE.BEGONE airs weekly and each episode features a completely new soundtrack, composed by showrunner Dylan Griggs.

Written and performed by Dylan Griggs


Coming soon!


Think of something along the lines of Stephen King’s Word Processor of the Gods, or Master PC… One I’ve enjoyed, and I’ll be interested to see where it turns to next. 4 Stars WOE.BEGONE - The Cambridge Geek (February 14, 2021)

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