Useful Resources

Last updated: 19th June 2020

Welcome to a repository of sources and links that may prove useful as a start for support and ongoing learning. We will look to add to these lists as well as update and clear dead links on a regular basis.


Breonna Taylor shooting (BBC)
Breonna Taylor shooting (Guardian)
Ahmaud Arbery shooting (Telegraph)
George Floyd, What Happened? (BBC)
About call out culture (Guardian)

Malcolm X – The Ballot or the Bullet
Malcolm X – Any Means Necessary
About Martin Luther King Jr.
The Black Panther Party – Challenging Police and Promoting Social Change
Why ‘All Lives Matter’ is disingenuous (Cambridge News)

Key Websites
Black Lives Matter Global Network
Black Lives Matter UK
The Black Curriculum – UK education action group

Charities, Donation Links, Petitions
Black Lives Matter Card – Lists of victim funds, petitions, and ways to help
Black Mental Health Matters
 – Fund for Black-led mental health support
Justice for George Floyd
Homeless Black Trans Women Fund
National Bail Fund Network (USA)