Patreon is live!

Well, here we are, the final day of #MarchMagnus!

And as befitting the final day, we’ve saved our biggest announcement for last – Rusty Quill now (finally) has a Patreon! *cue fireworks from the battlements of Rusty Towers*

We know a lot of people have been asking about this and here it is. For those who don’t know about Patreon, it’s a simple way for fans to give regular support to the creators of things they like, much like the patron/artist relation of old, so that they can carry on making those things with a little more peace of mind. All the money we get will be used to cover our running costs, make production easier and help fund new Rusty Quill developments. In return, you’ll get access to some special, backer-only rewards like statement transcripts from The Magnus Archives and character sheets from RQGaming!

This is also a work-in-progress project – as things get easier for us to produce, so too, we can improve the Patreon offerings! And if there’s anything else you’d like to see or think would be a good idea to offer, let us know.

It’s been one year of The Magnus Archives and all of us here at Rusty Towers would like to thank you for listening, supporting and commenting in myriad ways. You’re all such fantastic folk!