Patreon shout-outs closing

Hey folks,

Some important news here, regarding the state of the Rusty Quill Patreon.

As of Monday 9th March Friday 13th March 2020, we will be closing the list for further name shout-outs at the beginning of our shows.

Unfortunately we’ve got to the point where – and it feels strange to be writing this – we’ve picked up up way more support than we ever thought we were going to. Your amazing generosity & support has taken us to reaches we weren’t expecting. BUT, we know we’ve got a huge backlog of names still to read out (including a slew of missed names from early on), especially on The Magnus Archives, which is – being completely honest – where we expect the bulk of our supporters will want to hear their name read.

Despite looking at a number of ways to address the backlog, we haven’t got through it nearly as quickly as we’d like. We’ve done some calculations and realised that we’re approaching the point where we will run out of episodes of The Magnus Archives to actually do shoutouts on.

So, we’ve had to take the hard decision that, at this point, this is a reward that will have to be retired. If you have never been a Rusty Knight or Noble ($5 or upwards/month) and still want to have your name read out, you will need to be a Patron (or upgrade your membership if you’re a Rusty Citizen) by midnight GMT on Friday 13th March.

We will then be working though the lists to ensure that everyone who is/has been eligible for a shoutout gets theirs by the time Season 5 of The Magnus Archives comes to an end.

If you’re wondering about the sorts of bonus material that is available to Rusty Knights & Nobles – aside from ad-free, 24hr early access to all our shows – you can check out these handy fan guides: – Rusty Quill Gaming : – The Magnus Archives :

To sign-up as a Patron, please visit

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