Rusty Quill Mini Transcript Update 13

Hi folks!

Here is our thirteenth weekly transcript update.

Update 20/12/2021:

Enthusigasm is rounding out its first public season with a transcript for every episode. This is the standard we intent to maintain for all future RQ original releases.

We are nearing 200 complete transcripts for Rusty Quill Gaming and anticipate the complete set to be ready for release in January.

Meanwhile, the reformatting of transcripts into our house style is well underway. We hope to complete this for a January release.

As you can see, we hope to release all transcripts by the end of January, though we will confirm this in the new year.

Due to the holiday season, this will be the last transcript update of 2021. You can expect another update on 3rd January 2022.

The Rusty Quill team