Mini Transcription Update 17

Hi folks!

Here is our Seventeenth Mini Transcript update.

Update 24/01/2022:

We are now working solidly with a goal to release as soon as possible. A few things came up during QA stages (some missing MAG pages, a couple of Stellar Firma transcripts filed under the wrong name etc.) Despite this we are rather confident that we will release 76 Stellar Firma, 200 The Magnus Archives and 218 Rusty Quill Gaming transcripts in February.

We are working our way through RQG transcripts doing some checks and making some corrections.

We have almost finished transcription on the pilot Enthusigasm season.

We are nearing completion on The Magnus Archives and Stellar Firma transcripts with completion looking likely this week or next.

Whilst we have been working out these few gremlins we have found the time to update content warnings.

You can expect another update Next Monday.

The Rusty Quill team