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An ARG – an Alternate Reality Game – is an interactive puzzle game that employs both real-world and online elements to tell a story with heavy player involvement. When Rusty Quill ran a Kickstarter to fund The Magnus Protocol, one of the most exciting stretch goals was that we would run our own extensive ARG. If you weren’t able to participate, or want to recap what happened, here is a summary of everything that happened, how it was made, and some behind-the-scenes insights from the Rusty Quill ARG team. ... more

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Cry Havoc! Ask Questions Later is a new podcast available to listen to now, wherever you find podcasts. Our intrepid reporter, David K Barnes, spoke to creator, David K Barnes, to find out a bit more about the show and why you should listen to it. Hi David! What’s Cry Havoc! Ask Questions Later about? It’s an epic about power, politics, money, and murder – with lots of juicy drama and jokes! ... more

Rusty Fears 6 has been our biggest writing competition ever, with more than double our previous highest number of entries. Understandably, this has meant it’s also been one of our most hotly anticipated competition announcements. However, the writers who submitted entries did not make our judging panel’s lives easy, with an incredible standard across the board. Three shortlisting judges worked together to read all 700 stories across 6 categories. As the judges were doing their usual day-to-day jobs as well as the judging, they were given several weeks for this, to ensure they could give each story the time it deserves. ... more

As a result of the incredible goals reached through the recent The Magnus Protocol Kickstarter, we reached the stretch goal of a live fanfiction showcase! So, Rusty Quill are inviting fans to send in their own fanfiction based on The Magnus Archives, for creator of The Magnus Protocol Alexander J Newall and Jonathan Sims to read live on stream. Please read the following carefully if you plan to submit your work for this livestream. ... more

(AKA, the ARG “wash up”). Fans of Rusty Quill have always gone the extra mile when it comes to theorising, code-breaking and collaborating. So, when we were ready to start telling people our plans for The Magnus Protocol, a new audio drama podcast returning to the world of The Magnus Archives, we could have just… announced it. But that’s not very fun, and Rusty Quill is an entertainment production company. ... more

As a rule, Rusty Quill tries to avoid directly addressing unfounded social media accusations, preferring to provide formal updates like any other business. In this instance however, we are being forced to defend ourselves from what appears to be a case of carefully timed, deliberate defamation from people seeking to exploit recent hardships for our staff possibly to sabotage our fundraising and reputation. There are far too many false allegations within this blog to address them all at this time, so we will do our best and provide what information we can until we have finished consultation with our legal partners regarding this situation. ... more

We are very excited to announce The Magnus Protocol, a return to the universe of our award-winning podcast, The Magnus Archives. This multi-season horror podcast is being created by original creator and writer, Jonathan Sims and original director and Executive Producer, Alexander J Newall. In The Magnus Protocol, The Magnus Institute was an organisation dedicated to academic research into the esoteric and the paranormal, based out of Manchester, England. It burned to the ground in 1999. ... more

As we look ahead to The Magnus Archives 2, we will be resurrecting The Magnus Archives podcast feed with bonus content, looks behind-the-scenes and other fun things! We are also preparing for our Kickstarter crowdfunding on 30th October over on our Twitch channel with fun, games, and special guests including Alexander J Newall and Jonathan Sims themselves. With all of that in mind, it’s time for one of our legendary horror writing competitions. ... more