The Magnus Protocol Kickstarter

The Magnus Archives 2 Kickstarter

We are very excited to announce The Magnus Protocol, a return to the universe of our award-winning podcast, The Magnus Archives. This multi-season horror podcast is being created by original creator and writer, Jonathan Sims and original director and Executive Producer, Alexander J Newall.

In The Magnus Protocol, The Magnus Institute was an organisation dedicated to academic research into the esoteric and the paranormal, based out of Manchester, England. It burned to the ground in 1999. There were no survivors. Now, almost 25 years later, Alice and Sam, a pair of low-level civil service workers at the underfunded Office of Incident Assessment and Response, have stumbled across its legacy. A legacy that will put them in grave danger.

To fund this show, we have been running a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. This has been incredibly successful so far, as we’re so thankful to everyone who has donated so far. We have also released a selection of limited-edition merchandise – thank you to everyone who has purchased it so far. You can check that out on our Teepublic, Redbubble and Crowdmade stores.

As well as fully funding the show, we have unlocked loads of exciting stretch goals, allowing us to make the very best version of this show, and loads of ecrxtra, bonus content to say thank you to our fans. Here’s a few of the things we’ve unlocked so far.

Firstly, we have unlocked 24 Guest Writers from Rusty Quill Network. These include Tonia Ransom, creator of NIGHTLIGHT and Afflicted, Nathan Lunsford, writer for The Storage Papers, Alex C Telander, creator of Ostium podcast, Jamie Petronis, creator of The Cellar Letters, David Carlson, creator of The Hyacinth Disaster, Shaun Pellington, creator of Wake of Corrosion, Cam Collins, co-creator of Old Gods of Appalachia, Steve Shell, co-creator of Old Gods of Appalachia, Walker Kornfeld, Steven Anazalone and Mark Anzalone, creators and writers of The Sleep/Wake Cycle and Maeltopia podcasts, Graeme Patrick, a writer with Ain’t Slayed Nobody, Kc Wayland, creator of We’re Alive, Muna Hussen, co-creator of I am in Eskew and The Silt Verses, Jon Ware, co-creator of I am in Eskew and The Silt Verses, Cole Weavers, creator of The Town Whispers and Tiny Terrors, Lex Noteboom, creator of The Deca Tapes, Chris McClure, creator of The Milkman of St Gaff’s, Jeremy Enfinger, creator of The Storage Papers, Harlan Guthrie, creator of Malevolent and Dice Shame, David Devereux, creator of Tin Can Audio, Dylan Griggs, creator of WOE.BEGONE and The Diary of Aliza Schultz, IMS, writer and creator for The Program, and Katrina Braun and Aaron Blanton, creators and writers for What Happened in Skinner.

We’ve also reached all of our stretch goals for the length of the series. Now, thanks to our supporters, The Magnus Protocol will be a full three season show, with 30 episodes per season and double-length premieres and finale episodes.

We have also unlocked some bonus episodes including a spin-off series, written by Sasha Sienna, epilogues, TTRPG episodes, non-canon “what if” episodes, & fluff episodes, adding a lot of extra fun stuff for you to listen to outside of the main story.

Donators have also unlocked three albums of Ambiance music, one for each season of The Magnus Protocol and a narrative music album. We’ve also unlocked full orchestration for the main theme tune by original composer for The Magnus Archives, Sam Jones.

There will be a listen-along fancast for The Magnus Protocol, only available to Kickstarter backers and Patreon subscribers; and a full Magnus retrospective series, featuring Steve Shell, Cam Collins and Harlan Guthrie.

Thanks to your donations we’ll also be producing a documentary as we create the show, covering what it is like to create a fiction podcast. We have already started filming clips for this, following early meetings with Alex & Jonny and pre-production.

Our £400,000 stretch goal was Magnus Archives branded microphones. These professional grade microphones come with a USB to XLR cable and a desktop stand giving you everything you need to get start recording professional podcast audio or for streaming. The microphones are available to purchase now, as an add-on to any pledge on Kickstarter.

Our £500,000 stretch goal is one we’re particularly excited about, as now we will be developing a live show. Depending on how the rest of our fundraising goes, we may also be taking this live show on tour in the UK and US – head over to Kickstarter now to find out more.

Finally, we have unlocked several smaller goals, including a second Magnus Protocol inspired ARG puzzle, an audio fiction jam with Alex, a stream of the Forest with Alex, Jonny, Sasha and Hannah, and a stream of Alex and Jonny playing the game Control.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the campaign so far. Our next stretch goals are focussed around us potentially touring a live show through the United Kingdom and United States. For more info, see our Kickstarter updates.

We’ve also just announced that we are working on enamel pin badges with artist, Greer Stothers. Find out more about this in our most recent update.

Finally, we’ve announced that, if we manage to fund one million pounds, we will produce a one-off ghosthunting show, featuring Alexander J Newall and Jonathan Sims. If this is something you’d like to see, please consider donating.

A huge thank you to everyone who has donated so far. If you’re interested in checking out the Kickstarter yourself, head over to the page: The Magnus Archives 2 – A Horror Audio Drama Continuation.