Dark Comedy, Supernatural audiodrama!

Inexplicables is a six-part supernatural dark comedy audio drama, exclusive to our Patreon subscribers!

Following their mother’s death, thirty-something disasters Harold and Meredith return to their hometown of Gravesby in the North of England for the funeral. There they must also contend with the ICS, their late mother’s social care business. But the ICS and its clients are a lot stranger than they expected being that ICS is community for Vampires, Werewolves, zombies and more.


Directed by Maddy Searle

Written by Tom Critch & Alexander J Newall

Produced by Hannah Preisinger

Executive Producers: Alexander J Newall & April Sumner

Script Editing by Helen Gould

Edited by Lowri Ann Davies, Maddy Searle

Mastering by Jeffery Nils Gardner

Music by Sam Jones

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