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Problemagicians is a Patreon-exclusive spin-off of Rusty Quill Gaming featuring the return of fan-favourite characters, Azu and Cel.

The year is 18-*mumblesomething*. After the events at London’s Elizabeth Tower, the world may have been saved but something has changed. In this strange new world, there are a lot of brand-new problems, but ‘Azu and Cel: Problemagicians!’ are here to help. (Well, technically, they’re sailing around the world, but through a complicated network of carrier-seagulls, they are “here”, waiting for letters!). Similar to Stellar Firma, each episode’s problem is user-submitted by Rusty Quill’s Patreon subscribers.


Created by Helen Gould and Lydia Nicholas

Produced by Sydney Greve

Directed by Lowri Ann Davies

Edited by Lowri Ann Davies and Cathy Rinella

Theme Music by Sam Jones

Original Artwork by April Sumner

Executive Producers: April Sumner and Alexander J. Newall

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