Compulsory Film Appreciation

Compulsory Film Appreciation is a Patreon-exclusive spin-off of Stellar Firma, featuring the return of fan-favourite characters Hartro Piltz and I.M.O.G.E.N.

After some mysterious boxes are found, it is decided that Hartro needs a hobby and that that hobby should be film appreciation. Hartro may not know what a film is, but she’s ready to find out – and to have facilitated post-film discussions with an omnipresent AI. From Die Hard to Footloose, The Hunger Games to Shrek, will any of these old-earth classics survive Hartro and I.M.O.G.E.N.’s ruthless reviewing?

Compulsory Film Appreciation is available to Patreon subscribers at all tiers.


Written by Imogen Harris and Jenny Haufek

Director and audio recordings: Tim Meredith

Produced by: Sydney Greve

Edited by: Annie Fitch, Katharine Seaton and Lowri Ann Davies

Mastering Editor: Catherine Rinella

Sensitivity: Helen Gould

Theme Music by Sam DF Jones

Original Artwork by Anika Khan

SFX by Pencilina, peridactyloptrix, humanoide9000, beerbelly38, michael-grinnell, egomassive, Klankbeeld, Moulaythami, aifoon, Jorge_M_Rodrigues, JasonElrod, as well as previously credited artists on Stellar Firma, all via

Produced by Hannah Preisinger and Katharine Seaton

Showrunner: Katharine Seaton

Executive Producers: April Sumner and Alexander J. Newall


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Coming soon!