RQ Network: Introducing wave 3

We’ve got more content to share with you and it is all available right now.

We’re delighted to announce further expansion of RQ Network, with a number of fan favourites and exciting new shows joining the fold in our third Wave.

Today we publicly welcome into the RQ Network The Hyacinth Disaster, Malevolent, Ostium, The Program, What Happened In Skinner, The Sleep/Wake Cycle, WOE.BEGONE AND Tin Can Audio Presents, a new feed featuring work from Tin Can Audio including The Dungeon Economic Model, Love & Wards, Middle:Below and The Tower.

Previous waves have included iconic shows such as I Am In Eskew & The Silt Verses (Jon Ware & Muna Hussen), The Milkman of St. Gaffs (Chris McClure) The Town Whispers (Cole Weavers) and We’re Alive (Kc Wayland & Wayland Productions) in Wave 2. While while Wave featured Old Gods of Appalachia (DeepNerd Media), The Storage Papers (Grinner Media), Malevolent (Written/Directed by Lex Noteboom), Cryptids (Wild Obscura; written by Alexander V Thompson) and How it Ends (written/directed by Stephanie Resendes and Micah Rodriguez).

Let’s meet the shows.

The Hyacinth Disaster

Written and Directed by David Carlson

The Hyacinth Disaster is a sci-fi found footage disaster audio drama podcast.

The year is 2151AD, a dozen super corporations compete beyond the reach of civilized law, battling for the incalculable resources. Beneath them these corporations contract mining crews struggle to prosper despite the best efforts of their employers. All of this sets the scene of what leads to The Hyacinth Disaster. The worst and most cataclysmic disaster of 2151 AD.

In the future of the Hyacinth Disaster Mars and Jupiter have been colonised and between them lays 150 million resource-rich asteroids populate and many more orbit Jupiter’s vast Lagrange regions.


Written and Performed by Harlan Guthrie

Malevolent is an eldritch Horror, mystery, thriller, eldritch, Call of Cthulhu podcast with choose your own adventure, Actual Play and Augmented Reality Game “ARG” elements. Malevolent was a runner up for best fiction podcast in the 2021 Discover Pods.

Malevolent follows Arkham P.I Arthur Lester who wakes up blind, terrified and confused with no memory of who he is and what has happened, only a nameless, eerie, voice guiding him through the darkness.


Written and produced by Alexander C. Telander

Ostium is a Sci-fi Mystery Adventure Audio drama Podcast. Ostium was a finalist in the 2017 Audioverse Awards.

While playing a game of Geoguessr protagonist Jake Fisher discovers Ostium a town with no people that isn’t on any map. Jake discovers a number of mysterious numbered doors across the town of Ostium. As each door is entered in sequence another is opened. Each door is a portal through space and time.

The Program

Written and Directed by Ivan Mirko S.

The Program – audio series is a fiction podcast anthology with dark sci-fi, noir and cyberpunk elements.

The Program Podcast is set in a future in which Money, State, and God have become fused into a single entity called the Program. Each episode is a self-contained story focusing on ordinary people inhabiting this extraordinary world. And for them, it is not this future that is terrifying – it is our present.

The Sleep/Wake Cycle

Written and performed by Mark Anazalone and Steven Anzalone, Produced and Mastered by Walker Kornfeld

The Sleep Wake Cycle is an audio drama podcast blending supernatural horror with noir and dark Fantasy by the creators of the popular Maeltopia podcast.

Twins Isaiah and Rosemary each with strange abilities this is why they were sent on a mission to fulfil a secret government agency’s directive to bring the USA back from the brink of madness after the events of an apocalyptic event known as the Great Darkness of 1999.

What Happened In Skinner

Created & Produced by Aaron Blanton & Katrina Braun Written by the team of Kaitlyn Gaskill, Annika Bennett, Aaron Blanton, Katrina Braun and Sam Z. Morrison

What Happened In Skinner is an Ambie-nominated mystery thriller audio drama that features a highly interactive online investigation / ARG.

On a stormy November night, an obscure YouTube channel streamed a film reel from 1929 that soon became the most talked-about mystery on the Internet. But what really happened that night? And how much deeper does the story go? Join Marlowe Verne as she ventures out to the remote island of Skinner, Oregon in search of answers.


Written and Performed by Dylan Griggs

Woe.Begone is a weekly horror, sci-fi audio drama series investigating the insidious and deadly online Augmented Reality Game (ARG) WOE.BEGONE.

What initially began as a simple exploration of the game and the rumours surrounding it’s brutality turns in to a search for the technology that makes the reality bending game possible. Each episode has a unique soundtrack composed by creator Dylan Griggs.

Tin Can Audio Presents

Tin Can Audio Presents is a new podcast feed collecting the original, unique and experimental podcasts created by Tin Can Audio and David Devereux. At launch this podcast features 4 audiodrama:

The Dungeon Economic Model

An informational fantasy comedy audio drama educating on the benefits of constructing a dungeon for your town.

Love & Wards

A Nonfiction podcast series with stories from David Devereux’s own parents and their time working in the NHS

Middle: Below

An audio drama about ghosts, cats, and the slightly odd people who look after them.

The Tower

An experimental audio drama about climbing an impossible and towering ziggurat.